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Raj Nandini Metals also produces copper wires. Tin coated copper flexible connectors are now more and more preferred against simple copper wire for application in electrical and manufacturing industries.

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Raj Nandini Metals claims itself to be one of the premium manufacturer of an extensive variety of pure copper rods with ETP copper and Oxygen Free (Less than 10 PPM) copper grade with high conductivity. These copper rods are mainly used for connectors, Electric Motor Components, Electroplating, Switchgear, Ship Building and Power Generating Equipment in various industries for commercial and residential purposes. They are extremely popular for their permanence and other related excellent features. Copper Rods are also available in varied size and dimensions as per the client’s suggestions. Raj Nandini Metals is also a leading exporter of these copper rods to international markets and thus the products are designed and structured as per the international market values.

Our company holds a best team which gives us a platform to ensure best quality finished products. With lot of hard work and perseverance we have been able to supply our clients with the Copper rods that they had anticipated from us. Our qualified and skilled personnel firmly believe in catering to the needs of their benign customers thereby maintaining healthy relations with them.

These copper rods are designed in different shapes:-

Copper Square Bars manufactured by us are widely used in Air conditioning systems in the Metal Plate, Metal Pipe, Metal Bar, Metal Flange, Construction Pipe, Stainless Steel Fastener and more.

Copper Flat Bars are generally used for stucco embossed aluminum sheet to cover walls, as sheet metal for trailers and RV’s, locker rooms, public restrooms, airports, hospitals, and commercial kitchens.

Copper Threaded Bars which are used for different applications such as Refrigerant Gas, R22 Refrigerant Gas, Fridge Spare Parts, Washing Machine Spare Parts, Microwave Components and many more.

Copper Triangular Bars is stored properly in cylinders to avoid leakage.

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