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Raj Nandini Metals also produces copper wires. Tin coated copper flexible connectors are now more and more preferred against simple copper wire for application in electrical and manufacturing industries. A connector is an electro-magnetic device which is used for connecting several circuits and interfaces, which uses mechanical level assemblies for high performance. Due to numerous natural factors such as thermal expansion and magnetic fields, there arise few instances when the connector is desired to be flexible so that it can withstand the change.

Copper wire has a number of significant properties that make it a “natural” for electrical wiring. More than any other non-precious metal, it is the best conductor of electricity, packing more power into a given diameter of wire than any substitute material. Copper wire is also easier to bend. With copper wire, connections are easy and sure. And, because it has a high melting point, it can take surprisingly heavy overloads or current surges without damage or danger.

Copper is one of the most versatile metals on earth and is plentifully found in many areas. The application of copper has made it an essential component in our day-to-day lives. Therefore, it is essential to rely on genuine copper wire manufacturers that provide certified and good quality wires for our needs. We can grade ourselves as the authentic and finest manufacturer and supplier of top rated copper wires.

Uses of copper wire and its types:-

Nowadays, copper is an essential metal and is used in electrical wiring both for domestic and industrial use. Electronic circuitry, telecommunications, home appliances, and many other areas use copper today. It is estimated that almost half of all the copper mines is used to produce electrical copper wire and cable conductors. Today copper manufacturers have a lot of copper wire products that can be used in an extensive range of electrical and thermal applications, making it a resourceful metal for the upcoming time.

Because of its outstanding physical and chemical properties, copper has become an extensively usable conductor in most of the electrical and heating applications.

The following properties of Copper make it an indispensable metal:-

1. Electrical and thermal conductivity

2. Ductile and malleable

3. Good Tensile Strength

4. Creep resistance

5. Corrosion Resistance

6. Low Coefficient of thermal expansion

7. Solder ability and ease in installation

Types of Copper Wires

Solid copper wire A solid copper wire, which can be used to transfer electricity is usually found in domestic applications.

Stranded wire Copper stranded wire has high electrical conductivity and is used where there are fluctuating electrical loads and normally found in industrial applications.

Cables Cables are used in electrical appliances and industrial applications; tin is used as a coating agent to plate these copper wires to reduce oxidation and increase the life of such cables.

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